Golden State Orthopedics & Spine Remembers the Pakistan Earthquake Victims

Dr. Abid Qureshi Leads the Effort to Support the Disabled and Paraplegics

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (April 14th, 2006) — On October 8th, 2005, a devastating earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter Scale – with its origin just a few kilometers below the city of Muzaffarabad – struck northern Pakistan. The magnitude of the earthquake was such that it collapsed mountains, altered the course of waterways, and wiped entire villages off the face of the earth. Some 400,000 houses were destroyed and over 73,000 people perished – including some 35,000 children. On that fateful Saturday morning, tens of thousands of families lost an entire generation – children who left for school but never returned. Over 135,000 people were injured – mostly women, children and the elderly – with thousands becoming disabled and paraplegics.

The following week Dr. Abid A. Qureshi, an orthopedic physician at Golden State Orthopedics & Spine traveled to his homeland to volunteer his surgical services to the victims of the earthquake. Dr. Qureshi a spinal surgeon and an orthopedic trauma surgeon is hardworking and driven, he has won several research citations including the Howard Schneider Research Award.

Upon returning to his practice in the U.S., Dr. Qureshi, continues his support efforts by providing those disabled victims with a means of mobility. Dr. Qureshi and the physicians of Golden State Orthopedics & Spine have been raising money to purchase 180 wheelchairs that are being sent to the earthquake victims of Pakistan.

“The physicians of Golden State Orthopedics & Spine applaud Dr. Qureshi’s efforts to improve the lives of these victims,” says K.C. Campion, Golden State Orthopedics & Spine, CEO. “We would like to extend an offer to the San Francisco Bay Area to join us by directing all donations to the Wheelchair Foundation.” Information on how to donate can be found on the foundation website at, or you can contact GSOS.

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